Post Merger Integration – PMI



Growin’ Partners supports smooth business integration to maximize acquisition synergies.

PMI management is more crucial to making or breaking M&A processes than ever.
To realize the effects of an acquisition, it is necessary to integrate management, organization, and business processes quickly and smoothly—with respect to diversity of corporate culture.

M&Aのディール実行フェーズからPMIフェーズまで、シームレスなサービスを提供 Seamless service from initial deal to PMI

For successful M&A, it’s best to consider the situation with PMI in mind right from the start. We take care to survey the target company and thoroughly examine the condition of the acquisition.

Early identification of possible issues in the PMI phase can ensure smooth transitions later, and even early implementation of the management system. Problems can be found in any area of the M&A process: strategy planning, deal origination, negotiation, structure design, contract conclusion, and of course, financing.

PMIの総合的なプロジェクトマネジメントを支援 Comprehensive PMI project management

The scope of PMI covers all corporate activities and departments. This tends to make overall project management that much more complex and challenging.

In particular, the importance of and burden on the project management office (PMO), which designs the execution system itself, continues to rise.

Our work at Growin’ Partners goes beyond mere progress management. We provide general support of PMO tasks, such as formulating and implementing a basic plan and supporting the cross-disciplinary review of individual issues.

豊富な業務改善コンサルテーション経験に裏付けられた財務経理領域のPMI支援 PMI financial and accounting consultation backed by rich experience

Our management consulting team has made vast achievements in business improvement that extend beyond mere integration work. Each of our consultants is skilled at identifying room for improvement to maximize business efficiency.