Business Succession (事業承継)



Growin’ Partners views succession as a way to maintain and improve cherished value.

次世代承継ストラクチャーの構築と資金調達支援 Succession structuring and funding support

We assist our clients in developing various business succession structures, such as setting up holding companies to facilitate transfer of ownership to the next generation.

As professionals who have experience with various forms of business succession, we are pleased to provide support for tax protections and funding possibilities.

M&Aによる承継先候補の探索と実行支援 Identifying succession candidates

One of the leading means of business succession is the sale of shares, but our methods also include identifying inheritance candidates according to the purpose and needs of each client.

Rather than simply introducing these potential successors, we use our understanding of corporate philosophy and organizational culture to ensure the success of business succession after M&A, all the while with long-term business integration in mind.

将来を見据えた長期事業承継計画の策定 Succession plans for a stable future

Our goal is not only to establish an asset management company with an LBO scheme, but also to utilize life insurance, life grants, and so on to formulate long-term succession plans early on.

At Growin’ Partners, we provide advice based on a wealth of experience in designing structure, dealing with shareholders and financial institutions, evaluating stocks, negotiating funds, coordinating with stakeholders, minimizing taxes, and other key activities.