M&A advisory services from experienced professionals

We have been advising on M&A transactions since our founding, satisfying more than 300 clients through over 600 transactions.

Since 2009, we have continuously ranked in the Japanese Involvement Mid-Market M&A Review from Refinitiv.

M&A戦略の立案・ディール実行支援・PMIまで、シームレスなサービス提供 Seamless M&A advisory services in strategy, transaction, and PMI

We are committed to offering the best comprehensive M&A advisory services available, including M&A strategy, financial advisory, deal origination, structuring, negotiation support, due diligence, and valuation.

In addition, we offer post-merger integration (PMI) services, including purchase price allocation (PPA), project management office (PMO) and financing support, and business restructuring. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients accomplish seamless and satisfactory M&A.

多様なバックグラウンドのプロフェッショナルチーム A professional team with diverse backgrounds

Our team of professionals spans a wide variety of experience, including IPO and M&A advisory in large accounting firms and investment banks, CFO in corporate planning divisions, corporate finance in financial institutions, and investment execution in respected investment firms.

クロスボーダーM&Aに対する充実したサービス提供体制 Enhanced service capability of cross-border M&A transactions

Our Cmprehensive services reach various aspects of cross-border M&A trasanctions.

We offer expert assistance to Japanese companies in aspects of deal origination and execution of transactions with companies overseas by taking advantage of our unique position as a member firm of M&A WORLDWIDE, which is one of the largest global networks of independent M&A firms across about 40 countries in the world.

Also, we provide quality transaction services including financial due diligence and valuation advisory om cooperation with overseas financial advisory firms and accounting firms. Such wide-span and seamless advisory services lead clients to successful cross-border transactions.