Cross-border M&A



Growin’ Partners provides one-stop, cross-border M&A support, which is essential for global management.

Since our founding, we have supported more than 640 M&A transactions, including cross-border M&A in developed and emerging countries.

Our professional teams, which have extensive experience in international transactions, provide one-stop support for our clients.

グローバル・ネットワークを活用したM&A機会の創出 Global networks mean new M&A opportunities

Based in Japan, Growin’ Partners is a member of M&A WORLDWIDE, a global network of leading advisory firms in mergers and acquisitions.

M&A WORLDWIDE’s independent network supports cross-border M&A and funding. Members hail from nearly 40 countries, sharing or exchanging project information and investment opportunities.

Working with M&A WORLDWIDE, we have also built a network with financial institutions and advisory firms, most based in Southeast Asia. This unique network enables us to offer project information from a wide range of partners, creating customized M&A opportunities for each client.

M&Aアドバイザリー  M&A advisory

Cross-border M&A transactions can be delayed or even canceled due to unforeseen obstacles: legal restrictions, foreign capital regulations, trade practices, language barriers, and industry structure differences.

At Growin’ Partners, we apply our professional experience for comprehensive support on these issues.

When researching target companies, we take full advantage of our global networks, including M&A WORLDWIDE, to introduce only companies that best suit our clients’ needs.

Whether a client’s request is specific or more on the ambiguous side, we are fully committed from initial surveying of target countries, industries, and companies to the moment all parties sit down at the negotiation table.

Upon reaching the implementation stage of a project, we provide one-stop support for initial research analysis, basic agreement negotiation, due diligence management, trade condition negotiation, finalization, and closing procedures. To us, a successful M&A is one that reflects the client's intentions, regardless of complexity.

バリュエーション Valuation

By considering industry trends and the unique environment of the local country, we conduct valuation that appropriately reflects the business circumstances of target companies.

As a reliable, independent valuation firm with a wide variety of expertise, we also provide a single valuation service.

デューデリジェンス Due diligence

Our accountants are well versed in local regulations and business situations. As such, they are able to conduct solid due diligence through our global network of partner accounting firms.

Growin’ Partners has strong relationships with firms around the world, which enables our clients to review and execute transactions easily, without having to worry about communication or call in third-party assistance.

We are able to prepare reports in English and Japanese, as well as summary reports upon request.