Valuation & Modeling



As a reliable, independent accounting firm, Growin’ Partners provides fair enterprise value evaluation.

バリュエーション(企業価値評価) Valuation

We assess company value through close adherence to the purpose of each client’s M&A with consideration for the external environment and business circumstances of the target company.

We take pride in our reliability throughout any transaction, be it a stock valuation in a takeover bid (TOB) or a management buyout (MBO) of a listed company. Further, we leverage our role as an independent agency to provide our services to a range of clients, from the manufacturing and service industries to IT and finance.

財務モデルの構築支援 Financial model implementation

Every financial model is unique, just as every client is unique. We take care to set appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) and specify value drivers according to each client’s business content and scale, then run simulations to determine the most effective basis for business operations and M&A decisions.

We also provide simulations to find the best valuation models for investment decisions.

ストックオプションの設計と価値評価 Stock option and valuation design

We design and evaluate stock options to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our advice on these options includes optimal implementation for the grantees and issuers by considering accounting and tax processes.

Stock options are often targeted during audits, so we also provide advice to enable smooth accounting reviews.