Due Diligence



At Growin’ Partners, we don’t simply identify accounting, tax, or business issues—we support all decision making to ensure successful M&A.

財務デューデリジェンス Financial due diligence

買収後の経営統合(PMI)を視野に入れた調査 Research to carry clients through to post-merger integration (PMI)

Our experienced professionals go beyond due diligence on financial matters, seeking out problems in the target company’s businesses and management system. From there, we outline all risks to be considered in the execution of the acquisition, as well as any challenges anticipated for the PMI.

株式譲渡契約書等における会計・税務面のアドバイスを提供 Accounting and tax advice for stock purchases

As an accounting and tax expert, we are ready and willing to advise on negotiations with sellers for stock purchase agreements. We can also help identify issues that may affect transfer value or become risks post-acquisition.

税務デューデリジェンス Tax due diligence

税務リスクの抽出と合理的な税務ストラクチャーの提案 Extraction of tax risks and proposals for rational tax structures

During our tax due diligence, we thoroughly interview the target company about past reorganization, tax examinations, and any additions or subtractions to tax returns. In this way, we are able to anticipate possible tax risks from a client’s acquisition, as well as determine the most feasible transaction structure in consideration of future tax, accounting, and related laws and regulations.

ビジネス・デューデリジェンス Business due diligence

財務デューデリジェンスと連携したビジネス・デューデリジェンスを提供 Business due diligence in conjunction with finances

Our comprehensive support for M&A decisions goes beyond financial assessments. We also provide extensive due diligence that spans both the business (market and strategy) and operations (processes) of the target company.

クロスボーダー・デューデリジェンス Cross-border due diligence

海外ネットワークを駆使した財務・税務デューデリジェンス Financial and tax due diligence utilizing overseas networks

Thanks to our network of foreign accounting firms, we are able to provide high-quality services that cover accounting, tax, and law on a localized scale for overseas markets.

Our flexible business design includes desktop analysis, interviews, and field research tailored to specific clients and acquisitions.