M&A Advisory


Growin’ Partners provides comprehensive advice for all M&A processes, from strategy planning and origination to execution.

M&A戦略立案支援 M&A strategy planning

We clarify business and operation strategies to maximize corporate value and implement M&A. Beginning with growth and moving through to expansion, we also assist with divestment.

戦略的ディール オリジネーション Strategic deal origination

Through extensive research of target companies, partner networks, and daily reports, we assist in identifying and approaching M&A targets to maximize synergies.

取引条件検討・交渉を支援し、意思決定をサポート Transaction term review, negotiation, and decision making

We rigorously monitor project management and make necessary arrangements throughout the M&A execution process.

Our priorities are effective negotiations to fulfil conditions, practical terms which fit our clients’ M&A objectives, and sound financial advice on the preparation of letters of intent (LOI) and final contracts.

We also support our clients’ decision making by preparing materials for internal discussion, explanation, and approval.

M&Aストラクチャーの設計 Skilled drafting of M&A strategies

Thanks to our extensive history with successful transactions, we are able to comprehensively consider all aspects of our clients’ strategies, including corporate law, financial instruments and transaction law, accounting, and taxation. With all of these tools at our expert disposal, we design M&A structures that are optimal for all stakeholders—sellers and buyers alike.

資本政策・資金調達支援 Capital policy and financing support

M&A execution requires funds. To raise those funds, we propose a variety of financing options tailored to each client’s need, such as equity, senior loans, and mezzanine financing.

Our support doesn’t end there. We also aid in the realization of optimal capital structure beyond the M&A itself, finding the ideal combination of capital and debt to optimize costs and third-party allotment.

ー Our M&A deal process ー
1. Examination of M&A strategy
2. Selection and approach of target companies
3. Confidentiality agreement (CA/NDA)
4. Negotiation of terms and signing of letter of intent (LOI /MOU)
5. Due diligence
6. Negotiation of final term, signing of M&A agreement
7. Closing support
8. Post-merger integration (PMI)

ー Our main roles ー
- Formulation of M&A strategy, design of M&A structure
- Due diligence support
- Coordination with experts (lawyers, CPAs, tax accountants, etc.)
- Assistance negotiating terms, drafting basic agreements, and settling final agreements
- Closing procedure support
- Strong PMI support